I am working on an iOS client for SQRL

You can join the SQRL for iOS beta programme by signing up to the mailchimp list.

SQRL is a revolution in waiting being gifted to the world by Steve Gibson of grc.com and Security Now fame.  Details of SQRL can be found here.


The headline here is that with SQRL you can have a secure site specific identity without sharing any secrets (passwords) with the remote site.    This means that even if a remote site is hacked your site specific identity cannot be used to impersonate you.

There is a test server at grc.com here.


I need testers for all stages of my development.

If you are interested please sign up here.


(This is a link to a mail chimp signup page)

Alpha testing is being completed using Crashlytics beta. (confusing huh)  Places are limited.

Beta testing will ultimately take place with Apple Testflight so the email that needs to be subscribed is the mail from the Apple Id on the device you want to test against.

Lets be clear here...

This is an early version, and not all of the protocol is implemented. We recommend not running this beta software in a production environment.  That said your feedback is really important.

Thanks go to Steve Gibson for the mention in Security now episode 510.

Steve uses my client to demonstrate "full magic" login to Leo's computer via the Skype connection. (1:09:30)