I have pretty much always been a porker.

I am always keen and interested in just about anything.  However weighing about 30 stone cuts down the things you can get involved in.

So my task for this year is to lose a shit load of weight, for lots of reasons.  My back is shafted for one.

To help me with my motivation I am compiliing a list of weight restrictions.

For example a few years ago my friend Damo was learning to dive, but I couldn\'t have a go because I was over 17st (if I recall the limit correctly) .  I have always fancied flying lessons, but there are weight limits.  I can\'t ride a horse, and don\'t want to.

Then as I lose the weight, I will try all the activities on the list.  The idea is to motivate myself, and to try new things.

So if you know of an activity with a weight limit, please let me know and I\'ll add it to the list.

Like I said I weigh almost 30 stones currently, so some heigh ones would be good, but all will be added to the list, for consideration at least.