I just can't get my PI to get a DHCP lease from my BT homehub (3)

I have tried multiple distros, firmware updates, checked voltages, multiple PSUs. SD cards

This thing was driving me INSANE as this PI has been working for me for months with openelec and no problems at all.

When i downed and upped the interface i could just see the PI getting NAKs from the DHCP server which made no sense at all.

In the end I swapped out the BT Homehub for a Draytek router I had laying around and BAM the PI got a lease first time. ( I was glad as the only other thing I had left to swap was my house!! )

I can re create this problem 100% by just swapping the router out and downing and upping the interface again. ( if anyone wants me to capture some traffic I am happy to do so! )

The forum seems full of folks having many odd networking problems so i thought I would share as I dare say there are a LOAD of folks in the UK with BT Homehubs that may have this issue.

So after I came up with my router swap workaround I started Googling in a bit more targeted way.

There seems to be lots of noise about BT homehubs having a hard local LAN device limit of 10 devices, so that is food for thought.

I also found this post:
http://www.bentasker.co.uk/documentatio ... s-and-dhcp
Which talks about BT Homehubs sending out DHCP NAK packets even when DHCP is disabled!!

There are also plenty of posts in the BT communities site talking about DHCP being broken on BT Homehubs.

I know that a good few folks are struggling with network issues, so I post this as just one more thing to try.