This is me unboxing my new and shiny Raspberry PI.


**Sorry about popping on Audio**

Hello There!

Well, Its a big day today...After, err.. several months of waiting I finally have taken delivery Raspberry PI! So, this is just a short video of the unboxing, or should I say the unbagging process. So, lets have a look what is inside. I got mine from Element 14/Premier Farnell/CPC whatever you want to call them, its all the same. Various bits of paper, packing slip, etc and....a small box. Element 14. They have got a little getting started guide. I will providing my own little getting started guide. Lets have a look. Obviously I have made sure to earth myself, for anti-static purposes. Little anti-static bag. Its a cute little bugger isn't it. Very small indeed. And there it is. Little tiny Raspberry Pi. I guess that is the SD on the bottom there. HDMI. Ethernet, a couple of USB. Adio and a composite video out, which hopefully I will be using to connect to the PC for some screen shots. Various pins, GPIO, so hopefully I will be having a play with them. OK, well, that's it. It's out of the bag. Thank you very much for eventually providing me with a Raspberry PI. Bye Now