After in upgrade to an ext kernel sap may not start die to "missing" libraries.

R3trans -d
Could not open the ICU common library.
The following files must be in the path described by
the environment variable "LIBPATH":
libicuuc40.a, libicudata40.a, libicui18n40.a [nlsui0.c 1544] pid = 60227612
LIBPATH is currently set to /usr/lib:/lib:/usr/sap/POO/SYS/exe/run:/usr/sap/POO/SYS/exe/uc/rs6000_64 [nlsui0.c 1547] pid = 60227612

The permissions were wrong on the Version 4 unicode libraries, this was due to the umak on root.  The old version of the kernel used Vn3 of the libraries so the Vn4 files did not exist and so got the default root umask rather than the correct permissions for sidadm:sapsys.

Chmodded the files as root to fix.