This is not really \"about\" anything, its about everything. I have lots of great conversations with the many great folks that I have met over time, and have the great honour of calling \"people that I know\". Sometimes these conversations turn up really intesting points, that have to be worthy or wider discussion. Sometimes these conversations are utter rubbish. Either way you get to hear about them. Sometimes this will be upbeat, sometimes it will be down beat. Most of the time I dare say I won\'t even be bothered to post anything. I do however think I have a knack for joyless monomania, and the internet just cannot get enough joyless monomania.

For the record my name is Jeff Arthur, I come from Nottinghamshire in the UK, and currently live in Dursley, Gloucestershire. I have worked in a few places, all my most productive work being in IT. I worked for Mastercare PC Service, Hillarys Blinds Limited, and currently work for Orange PCS Ltd the mobile phone people. I have been passionate about computers from an early age (probably from around 8 or 9 years) I am really passionate about science and the scientific method. I don\'t belive, I weigh and measure.

On the subject I currently weigh in at about 30 stone, this is not healthy, and this is part of the reason why the blog starts now. I hope to record my efforts here as I try to overcome the eating issues that I seem to have had all my life.

I live with my girlfriend Mel, and her three kids, Amy, Kacie and Daniel and our Black Labrador, Shane. Shane keeps me active, he can walk forever.